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Podcast: Councilman Eric Costello on development in South Baltimore, crime

Podcast: Councilman Eric Costello on development in South Baltimore, crime

On this week's episode of the BaltBizCast, City Councilman Eric Costello talks about all of the development in his district, and what the City Council is doing to help it along.


By   –  Digital Editor, Baltimore Business Journal

There's no shortage of development for City Councilman Eric Costello to keep his eye on.

The councilman for the city's 11th district, which includes downtown, South Baltimore and even as far north as Mount Vernon, there's nonstop construction in his neighborhoods.

From the massive 414 Light Street apartment tower near the Inner Harbor, to Kevin Plank's mutlibillion-dollar Port Covington project to Caves Valley Partners' mixed-use Stadium Square, it can be a lot to keep up with.

But, years down the road Costello says the thing that will tie all of the projects together is public transportation.

On this week's episode of the BaltBizCast, Costello talks about all of the development in his district, and what the City Council is doing to help it along.

For starters, Costello said he wants to see the light rail extended in Port Covington, something that has been discussed by Sagamore Development, the real estate arm of Plank, the Under Armour CEO.

"One of the focuses of that development from the very beginning has been on public transportation," Costello said. "The light rail is a component of that. There's great support at the state level for that. I'm confident something will happen with that to help connect it to the surrounding neighborhoods."

Additionally, Costello said he is working with developers to also include more water taxi stops in South Baltimore, and is looking into extending Charm City Circulator routes into that part of the city, as well.

"I'm very excited about potential future connections around Port Covington, Westport, Cherry Hill," he said.

To hear more from Costello about development, crime and the burgeoning medical marijuana industry, listen to his full interview here. You can also subscribe to the BaltBizCast on Stitcher and iTunes.

Topics discussed include:

  • How he got into politics (0:35)
  • How development in Stadium Square, Port Covington and downtown might come together (2:00)
  • What public transportation changes might be taking place as part of this development (4:01)
  • His thoughts on the bike share's temporary shutdown (6:15)
  • What changes could be coming to the Charm City Circulator (7:05)
  • If he believes the mayor's office has done enough to combat crime (10:45)
  • Whether any businesses are seeing a reduction in foot traffic due to crime (12:40)
  • What role he's played in the city's HQ2 pitch (13:33)
  • What kind of challenges the medical marijuana industry have presented to the City Council (15:00)
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